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Up to 80% IBS success rate!

Do you suffer from abdominal pain, wind, bloating, diarrhoea and ‘urgency’,

constipation, burping, stomach gurgling, fatigue, acid reflux, nausea…. ? 

IBS symptoms have an emotional knock-on effect increasing stress levels,

causing anxiety and embarrassment and significantly affect IBS sufferers’

work and social life.   You may suffer from all of these or just a few, but these

symptoms can leave you feeling miserable and uncomfortable.  I can help you…

IBS is a complicated illness but research has shown the low FODMAP diet to

be successful in an impressive 75% of patients, and my own audits have shown

over 80% success.   The low FODMAP diet is not a diet for life however and is

designed to identify foods which affect you. 

I can offer you tailor made advice with a full nutritional assessment followed by dietary advice, guidance and support om the use of the low FOMDAP diet.

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